One more year
A history of resistance, art


· Paco Bernal, the protagonist

The protagonist: Paco Bernal. Some lines of introduction.


Paco Bernal has had two guidelines that have marked his journey through life, resistances and differences.

From a young age, Paco has suffered from lung problems. At the age of 24, he suffered a serious problem that placed him on the verge of death. The doctors reported that there were not many expectations. Rosa, her sister, told her then that one had to resist, that life was too valuable to let her escape. They promised each other that, from that year, they would celebrate each anniversary their birthday party as a celebration for having resisted one more year. And so they did, that year they celebrated the 25th anniversary in style and have continued to this day.

Paco is currently 54 years old and, as indicated above, has spent his life resisting. In addition to its health problems, it has had to resist the repudios of a system for the mere fact of having one more chromosome in pair 21. In this sense, in the current system, there have been advances, not enough and the debate still is still valid, but Paco has had to suffer in his flesh the signs to his person for many years, in a country that tried to leave behind a dictatorship. Resist being warned as ... different.

He found refuge in his two passions: painting and music. He learned the basic knowledge of art while growing his passion for Manolo Escobar, Spanish singer, a referent of the Andalusian couplet in the 70s and 80s. Always with the company of his sister Rosa, Paco began his first steps in the world of painting, began to draw the first characters out of their entrails, began to express themselves based on colors and unique strokes.

His drawings attracted attention, the same that he did not receive as a person. Exhibitions, contests and exhibitions filled the space that society had denied him. He began to receive awards, prizes and unusual offers, such as the one he received in Switzerland, where a woman was obsessed in obtaining a work of his ... at whatever price.

One of his greatest achievements was to create his own artistic path through which he could show all the worlds of his imagination. Worlds full of landscapes, scenarios and unique and diverse characters, but above all full of life and that have been exhibited not only on the walls of different rooms of the planet but collected in different collections of stories and animations of cartoons.

In the end, over the years, Paco has managed to be, truly, different. His passion for painting, his strokes, sketches, exhibitions and national and international awards have recognized Paco as a being with a different capacity. A unique being. Paco's painting is kind, cheerful and exquisite in the treatment of color. His creativity is far above many of us. And yes, we applaud that he is different, but not because of the reasons and contempt that the system designates, but because Paco, as a great artist, has managed to turn his life into a work of art.

"Making love, work of Paco Bernal"